Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4!

Teaching in Year 4, we are lucky to have Mr Anderton who is the teacher in 4A and Mrs Thomas who is teaching in 4T. We also have Mrs Carroll supporting across the year group from Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Blizzard from Wednesday to Friday.

In Year 4, this half term we shall be covering…

In Maths, this half term we’ll be covering: Place value: Understanding the value of each digit within a 4-digit number, ordering and comparing numbers and rounding. Addition and subtraction of three and four digit numbers, inverse operations and multi-step problems.

This half term in English, we’ll be exploring a number of texts types including narratives, non-chronological reports and poetry. Within these texts types, we’ll be learning a range of grammatical devices including fronted adverbials, a range of conjunctions and the use of effective and appropriate vocabulary. In Shared Reading, will we continue to explore a range of reading skills such as; inference, retrieval, understanding the meaning of words in context, prediction and summarising. Spelling will be taught daily, with key rules taught each week. This half term we shall be covering prefixes and suffixes. Some children will continue on their Read Write Inc programme with daily sounds shared separately.

This half term in Science we’ll be exploring the topic of sound. Within sound, we shall be learning about how a sound is made and how sound travels. There will be plenty of opportunity to develop our scientific skills in this topic through practical activities. We have already practically demonstrated the creation of sound through vibration and various everyday materials. We will also develop our analytical skills through use of scientific language, gathering evidence and recording our findings. Then we will critically present our data in order to communicate our justifications.

This half term, we are studying Geography. Children will learn about Italy within the context of Europe. They will use their knowledge of the United Kingdom to compare it to an area of Italy. Alongside this, they will develop their knowledge of human and physical geography.

This term in Music, Year 4 will learn to play the Steel Pans and Dhol drums, in addition to their classroom lessons. The children will be provided with opportunities to perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices, playing instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. There will be opportunities to improvise. We are working on further developing our musicianship and piano skills by playing all time favourite pieces such as The Chopsticks and The Overture of William Tell.

In Art and Design, Year 4 will focus on painting this term. We will be creating a seascape and designing our own Viking ship to sail across it. The children will learn how to use colour to create a particular mood in their painting, inspired by artists like J.W.M. Turner.

In French, pupils will expand their knowledge of French phonics. They will learn to be able to give more information about themselves, including saying numbers up to 31 and months of the year, so that they can correctly tell someone their birthday.

This term we’ll be delving into a number of religions including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Within these religions, we’ll be exploring the themes of expressing joy, giving thanks and celebrating significant events.

Within PSHE we are focusing on regulating our emotions as part of the introduction to our schools new behaviour policy. This will involve raising awareness of restorative practices, to create an environment in which everyone feels they are seen, heard and respected.

This half term, we’ll be learning about the internet. The children will apply their knowledge and understanding of networks to appreciate the internet as a network of networks which need to be kept secure. They will learn that the World Wide Web is part of the internet and be given the opportunities to explore this for themselves. In addition, they will discover who owns the content and what they can access, add and create.

In PE, our focus will be on dance with Ms Gray. The children will choreograph and perform their own dance routine focused around a specific theme.