Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

The team working with the lovely children in Year 1 this year are Mrs Bond, Miss Wright, Miss Bracher, Miss Stokes, Mrs Bailey and Mr Morgan.

In Year One, this half term we shall be covering…

In Maths, this half term we will be covering numbers to 10. The children will develop a deep understanding of these numbers, the relationships between them and the patterns within those numbers. We will have opportunities to represent these numbers in creative ways using objects and pictorial representations.

This half term in English, we’ll be exploring a number of texts types including lists, labels and captions. Within these texts types, we’ll be learning how to use the correct formation to form letters, apply our sounds learned within phonics to spell words and begin to capital letters and full stops correctly. In Shared Reading, we will be reading the following stories Elmer, Monkey Puzzle, Sharing a Shell and What the Ladybird Heard. We will be exploring these stories together as a class and within some of the activities in our provision. The children will to continue to learn reading and writing sounds daily through the Read, Write Inc programme.

This half term, in Science we’ll be exploring the topic of the weather. We shall be learning and observing how the world changes across the four seasons (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer) as well as developing our scientific skills by asking simple questions, recognising they can be answered in different ways, and observing closely using simple equipment. We will record and collect data by creating a rain gauge.

This half term, we are studying Geography. Within this area of study, our children will learn about the United Kingdom and will name, locate and identify characteristics of the 4 countries and capital cities of the UK. The children will explore maps and will use ICT to help locate places in our local area.

This half term in music we will learn new songs and read books linked to music including: Giraffes can’t dance, Never play music right next to the zoo, This Jazz man, Zin Zin a Violin and The Bear and the Piano. We will use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. We will play untuned percussion instruments. We will listen with concentration to a wide range of music. Suggested listening: Classical Kids: Light and silly classical music for young children – Classical MPR Playlist

In Art and Design, Year 1 will be focusing on drawing this term. We will be exploring the different types of lines we can make with different materials in lots of exciting ways. Following this, we will look at lines in nature by making art outdoors and drawing natural objects such as leaves and vegetables. We will get inspiration from the artist Yayoi Kusamas pumpkin paintings and talk about the work of abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky.

In Forest School, Year 1 will be focussing on establishing rules and boundaries and site safety through games and activities. Year 1 will be using basic tools such as peelers, mallets, trowels, forks and spades. They will also be introduced to using large ropes, cutting string independently, tying basic knots (frapping and tying off).Year 1 children will take part in a campfire cooking activity and learn about fire safety.

This term we’ll be delving into a number of religions including Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. Within these religions, we’ll be exploring the themes of belonging, being thankful and the importance of listening.

Within PSHE we’ve focused on regulating our emotions as part of the introduction to our schools new behaviour policy. In addition, we’ll be exploring relationships. We will be learning about the similarities and differences of ourselves and others and why it is important to be an individual.

This half term, we’ll be learning all about algorithms and following instructions. We will be using and creating algorithms using different types of technology and seeing if we can spot different patterns within them.

In PE, our focus will be on, fundamental movement skills and, developing the children’s invasion techniques. The children will have opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination individually and with others by participating in a range of activities and games both indoors and outdoors.