Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

In year 6, we are taught by Mr Pattinson, Miss Briggs and Miss Bursnell (Mon-Thursday). Mr Smith also supports in our year group.

In Year 6, this half term we shall be covering..

In Maths, this half term well be covering: * Place Value, including order and comparing numbers, rounding and negative numbers. * Adding and subtracting numbers with up to 6 digits. * Methods of multiplication and division * The properties of different 2D and 3D shapes.

This half term we will be looking at both non chronological reports and story writing. We will be using a range of sentence types and grammatical devices to really engage and captivate the reader and make our writing as effective as possible. Our class novel for this half term is Wonder by R J Palacio. We will be looking into this in further details in reading lessons, practising a variety of skills including retrieval, inferring using clues from the text and summarising key points. Our SPaG focus will be a recap of identifying classes of words e.g. pronouns, adverbs etc and learning how to spell a variety of words children often find challenging.

This half term, in Science we’ll be exploring the topic of Evolution and Inheritance. We fill find out about what traits we inherit from our parents and grandparents and how humans and other animals have evolved over time.

This half term, we are studying Geography. Within this area of study, our children will learn about South America and its habitats. In addition to this, we will compare the human and physical geography of Peru and Brazil.

This half term in Music we will listen, sing and perform a wide range of songs by the Beatles. Our favourite so far include Here comes the sun and Let it be. What is your favourite Beatles song? The children will be provided with opportunities to perform in Solo and Ensemble contexts, using their voices, playing instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. We are also working on developing our understanding of the history of music.

Year 6 will be exploring how to capture light through drawing this term. This will include showing the direction of light in their drawing and looking at ways to represent shadows.

In French, pupils will learn the topic of ‘sports and hobbies’. They will continue to consolidate their phonics knowledge and apply this to talk about what sports they like and dislike. They will also be learning how to justify their opinions about sports, by introducing new conjunctions to their sentences.