Educational Visits

At Mere Green, we are proud of our curriculum and the learning that takes place inside and outside of school. We ensure that learning experiences are challenging, authentic and planned to deepen children’s understanding in any given area. To complement and enhance our curriculum, we have devised an Educational Visit timetable that takes children out of the classroom, across the year, to develop and deepen their learning in a range of subjects.

Whilst the academic benefits are clear, we also advocate that through diverse learning experiences, children are presented with new challenges, new contexts and are having to use a range of essential life skills. Skills of listening, speaking, effective communication, collaboration, relating to new peers, problem solving, developing creative responses to work are as important as the learning itself. Alongside this, there are opportunities to experience and develop our whole school values and the British Values through our offer.

Whether experiencing new cultures and respecting differences when visiting places of worship, or sparking new interests and curiosity in a subject that children have never before engaged with, we believe the benefits of Educational Visits are limitless.