At Mere Green, we place huge emphasis on the personal development of our children to ensure that they become well-rounded, global citizens of the future that can not only build positive relationships, deal with modern issues but also go out there and thrive in an ever-changing workplace. We want our children to leave primary school knowing how to stay safe and healthy by making well-informed decisions. We want our children to be armed with the skills and confidence they need to manage their lives successfully in the future and to have high levels of self-esteem, resilience, and empathy to name but a few. We achieve this through high quality and engaging weekly lessons but also through the celebration of ‘Wellbeing’ weeks, addressing the NHS’ five ways to have and maintain a positive wellbeing and our new 2021-2022 initiative exploring half termly ‘Big (local, national and global) Issues’. 

Our curriculum fulfils both the statutory requirements for RHE (Relationship and Health Education), non-statutory SRE  and fulfils the National Curriculum requirement to teach PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and goes beyond the statutory requirements by referring to the PSHE Association Programme of Study. 

Each year groups teaches a unit of lessons on the themes/key areas of: 

  • Families and relationship, including bullying, stereotyping and respecting differences 
  • Health and wellbeing, exploring physical and mental health 
  • Safety and the changing body, featuring digital safety, road safety, puberty and first aid 
  • Citizenship looking at responsibility, community and democracy  
  • Economic wellbeing, exploring money and career and aspirations 

Designed as a spiral curriculum, the five key areas are revisiting yearly to ensure that each time the area is covered and revisited, the learning is at a greater depth to build on prior understanding and knowledge. Lessons within a key area are also progressive, building upon one another so that our children are able to confidently and sensitively share their their thoughts and opinions on relevant issues, demonstrating ever deeper understanding.