Welcome to Nursery!

Our dedicated and experienced Nursery team consists of Mrs Mannion, Miss Sian and Miss Cockayne. We believe in supporting children’s holistic development in order to provide tailored learning opportunities which enable all children to reach their full potential. We encourage children to experience and participate in a wide variety of learning opportunities through a hands-on, play based curriculum. Our planning carefully considers our children’s current needs and interests in order to engage and nurture all children, in a challenging yet supportive environment.

In Nursery, this half term we will be focusing on the following books:

Ø 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes by Mem Fox

Ø Silly Billy by Anthony Browne

Ø Peek Through Jobs We Do by Jonny Marx

Ø Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Mitton

Our Learning

To develop our Personal, Social and Emotional skills, we will be focusing on learning how to create and maintain positive friendships with others and to understand and name the different emotions we feel.

To support our Communication and Language development, we will be listening to lots of stories and using the pictures to help us understand what is happening. We will use books to engage in lots of conversation with each other and to learn new vocabulary. We will also be learning some new songs and will enjoy singing together as part of a group.

In Physical Development, we will be focusing on how to move in a variety of ways, such as skipping, hopping, jumping and running. We will also learn how we can move differently to music and songs that we can sing. To promote our fine motor skills we will be exploring a variety of different materials and tools such as dough, clay, paint, chalks, brushes and scissors.

In Literacy, we will be looking at these key concepts about print:

1. Print has meaning

2. Print can have different purposes

3. We read English text from left to right and from top to bottom

In Maths, we will be comparing sizes and weights using language such as bigger, little, smaller, tall, short and heavy. We will also be reciting numbers and using songs to help us.

In Understanding the World, we will be using our senses to explore a variety of different natural materials and talk about the things we like and dislike. We will discuss the differences between ourselves and members of our family. Later, we will look at different occupations through the topic “People Who Help Us.”

In Expressive Arts and Design, we will be developing our imaginations by creating “small worlds” with blocks and construction kits. We will also be using a range of different media such as paint, chalk, wax crayons, sand and glitter to create marks with meaning.

In Forest School, Nursery will be focussing on travelling to and from the Forest School area safely, establishing rules and boundaries through games, listening walks and stories. Nursery children will be exploring the forest school area through free choice and play activities within the area such as potion making, pumpkin carving and natural art. Our children will take part in a campfire cooking activity and learn about fire safety.

In music, we will learn new songs and how to use our voices. We will use puppets, routine songs and musical instruments. We will explore loud and soft, fast and slow sounds.

Suggested listening:

-Nursery Rhymes

-Tumble Tots Playlist

Things to remember…

· Wellies are needed in school throughout the year

· All clothing and belongings must be clearly labelled with your child’s name

· A full set of spare clothes are required in a labelled bag

· Please don’t forget a labelled water bottle

Remember, if your child comes home dirty, it’s because they have had a fantastic day!