At Mere Green we recognise the importance of delivering a knowledge rich, high quality History curriculum that is progressive, ensuring core knowledge is broken down and built upon to develop the strengthening of children’s schema. We encourage our children to make links within their History knowledge, of both substantive concepts such as ‘kingdom’ or ‘invasion’ and chronological knowledge and apply their knowledge to a range of learning opportunities. We ensure that learning is contextualised as much as possible to make the learning all the more meaningful for our children. Local historical studies are carried out in both Key Stage 1, focusing on the changes that have taken place in Mere Green, and Key Stage 2, focusing on the impact of the Victorians and WWII specifically in Birmingham so that children at Mere Green grow up learning about their local context and learn how it has changed and the impact that change has had on people at the time and future generations.

Through studying a range of periods of History, we encourage children to identify similarities and differences in human experiences over time and place. Fundamentally, we want our children to understand their place in the world and the long story of human development. 

We adopt an enquiry based approach where lessons are built around an enquiry questions.  Children are exposed to a range of sources of evidence that help inform children’s opinions and understanding of the past. Through these sources of evidence, children at Mere Green are able to make historical interpretations and also gain a deeper understanding of how historians study the past and construct their historical accounts. Throughout their course of study, our children will also be exposed to historical arguments such as the cause, consequence, similarities an differences, historical significance and change and continuity of any given area of learning.