The role of Geography at Mere Green Primary School is first and foremost about ensuring our children leave school with an understanding of the world around them, appreciating the diversity of locations and cultures near and far. 

At Mere Green, we recognise the importance of delivering a knowledge rich, high quality Geography curriculum that is progressive, ensuring core knowledge is broken down and built upon to develop the strengthening of children’s schema. We encourage our children to make links within their Geography knowledge right from Early Years where they start understanding the concepts of place and scale by describing items and locations as near and far, left and right and this builds on year on year.

No matter each child’s personal experiences, our curriculum ensures that all children, build a wide knowledge of different countries, regions and features. As children progress through school, we see that their fluency at recalling these locations increases and believe this locational awareness helps support our children’s sense of identity. Furthermore, children explore places in depth, giving meaning to the locational knowledge they have. Links are made with their own experiences as much as possible and draw on prior learning to help children form different perspectives and make meaningful comparisons across places. In addition, human and physical processes are explored in increasing complexity as children progress through the school. We encourage our children to see how these processes are interconnected to change environments and climate over time. 

From Years 1 – 6, children learn about four main types of substantive knowledge: locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical processes, and geographical skills. We have planned for sufficient breadth in our curriculum, whilst ensuring our pupils understand core knowledge in sufficient depth, avoiding any generalisations.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, field trips have had to take a back seat over the last few years, however we are now more excited than ever to develop our offer across school and further embed the progression of geography skills whilst experiencing geographical learning outdoors in our locality.