Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The teachers, Mrs Jones and Miss Sarai are supported by Miss Williams, Miss Cherry and Miss Suarez.

In Year 2, this half term we shall be covering…

In Maths, this half term we will be covering place value. We will partition numbers up to 50 into tens and ones and use objects, such as base tens, to represent and explain answers. We are continuing to practice writing our numbers to 20 in words. Everyday, we explore key mathematical vocabulary that we can use to explain the reasoning behind our answers. We will confidently count forwards to 50 and will focus on counting backwards from 50.

This half term in English, we will be exploring a number of texts types including a recount. The children will be learning to write in past tense to retell their exciting summer holidays. We will be focusing on writing sentences correctly using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces consistently. Reading our sentences back will improve our own work and ensure it is coherent. Everyday, children will be engaging in ‘Read Write Inc’ to further their reading skills. In story time, children will enjoy a rich array of children’s books and poetry and learn the meaning of more challenging vocabulary.

This half term, in Science we will be exploring the topic of everyday materials. We will look at materials around us and investigate their properties. Questions will be posed to get the children thinking about a material’s ‘suitability’ eg can we use chocolate to make a teapot? The children will be designing their own objects and choosing the correct materials to make it.

This half term, we are studying History. We are delving into the past by learning all about the ‘GreatFire of London’. They will use primary and secondary sources of information and answer key questions such as how the fire started, how it stopped and how London was rebuilt to prevent it from happening again. The children will engage in role play activities to help transport them back in time to 1666.

This term in Music, we will learn to play the piano through reading standard notation. We will develop our musicianship skills and aural perception. We will listen to famous composers and piano pieces. We will use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. The book which we use in school is called Me and my piano (part 1), if your child is taking piano lessons in the school they are encouraged to bring in their music pieces and use the time to practice. Every child has an individual musical journey and we believe that it is important to provide all children with the opportunities to play a musical instrument in school.

In Art and Design, Year 2 will be exploring line and pressure in their drawings by using 2B pencils and pencil crayons. They will use these skills to create drawings of animals, inspired by artists such as Kenojuak Aheva and Maria Sibylla Merian.

In Forest School, Year 2 will be focusing on using large ropes and cutting string independently. Children will be shown how to use sheath knives and loppers safely. Year 2 will be introduced to some more sophisticated knots for attaching to structures (round turn and two half hitches) and simple lashing (square) to make frames and other structures. Year 2 children will take part in a campfire cooking activity and learn about fire safety. Children will grade their own tinder and kindling for the fire and learn about the fire triangle.

This term we will be delving into a number of religions including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism. Within these religions, we will be exploring the themes of living by rules, being temperate, exercising self-discipline and cultivating serene contentment.

Within PSHE we have focused on regulating our emotions as part of the introduction to our schools new behaviour policy. In addition, we’ll be exploring friendship and what it means to be a good friend.

This half term, we will be learning how to use the iPads and safely search the internet for information which will enhance learning in certain subject areas. We will also learn how to solve problems using algorithms.

In PE, our focus will be on dance. We will be coming up with our own motif and performing them in front of the class. Not only will we enjoy ‘Dance’ this half term, we will have ‘Active Maths’. In this lesson, we apply the skills we have learned in maths but in a fun, active way.