At Mere Green, we are committed to ensuring every pupil will gain the knowledge and skills to write independently, creatively and with purpose.

All children have access to and engage in purposeful and stimulating writing lessons. This begins in Early Years where children are immersed in a range of stories which they orally rehearse, explore and respond to. These foundations are built upon throughout our progressive Writing Curriculum, which covers both fiction and non-fiction each half term. Skills are revisited and built upon each year to deepen understanding and to ensure all strands of the National Curriculum are embedded.

The Writing Curriculum

Our bespoke Writing Curriculum has been carefully tailored for our pupils at Mere Green. Links are made to our wider curriculum and Reading Spine, to strengthen prior knowledge and give authentic writing experiences. All units begin with unpicking aspirational models, which include rich vocabulary, a variety of sentence structures for effect and a range of cohesive devices. Children have multiple opportunities to apply learnt skills through drafting and editing with the additional focus of evaluating both their own writing and the writing of others.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Grammar and punctuation is embedded within units and taught in context for purpose and effect. A weekly spelling focus is taught, practised and tested, using the online platform Spelling Shed (year group overviews can be found below.)


Spoken language is a prerequisite to literacy; therefore oracy is at the heart of our writing curriculum. In every lesson, children are given the opportunity to experiment with language orally to enable them to ‘tune in’ to the style of the text. Within units, there is an emphasis on learning texts off-by-heart, as well as opportunities for drama, to encourage confident story-tellers.


We expect high levels of presentation across all pieces of work, and as such, we follow the Nelson handwriting scheme. We progressively teach children to form letters correctly using the following main joins:

· To letters without ascenders

· To letters with ascenders

· Horizontal joins

· Horizontal joins to letters with ascenders

When children show consistency in joining their letters accurately and neatly, they are awarded a Handwriting Pen. See Nelson Handwriting Reference Guide below.