Art & Design

Art and Design at Mere Green Primary School is a subject that stimulates creative thinking and imagination, whilst also promotingcareful observation and appreciation of the world around us. It gives children the opportunityto explore a variety of materials, master new techniques, develop their knowledge of artists, designers and craft makers, evaluate and analyse creative works and create their own art work. We believe it is a vital part of children’s education, with a significant and valuable role in developing our pupil’s full educational potential as well as life-long learning.

To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Art & Design, we implement a curriculum that is progressive, carefully planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on prior learning. In the EYFS, children are introduced to Expressive Arts and Designthrough both adult directed and child initiated activities. Children are given opportunities to develop their own creativity through play and exploration in a rich environment where Art and Design provision is continuously on offer. In Years 1 to 6,Art and Design is taught termly by our subject specialist teacher, Mrs Shellam, in collaboration with the year group’s teaching staff. We focus on the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum by teaching the related aims outlined in our ‘Curriculum Aims Overview’.

Our approach to learning in Art and Design is that children’s time is precious and we wantto fill it with as much active and experience-based learning as possible, with the most exciting, interesting and meaningful links to artists. We understand that alongside knowledge and skills, it is the experience of Art and Design that provides rich learning opportunities for children to learn.

To develop a culture of high aspirations within Art and Design lessons, we create a level platform where all children feel they can achieve, create and thrive in Art and Design. In order to do this, we teach children that their art work is as unique as we are as individuals. Furthermore, we balance clear taught skills with recognition of children’s individual style, interests and creativity. We motivate this creativity through inspiring artists, self directed sketchbook work, in-the-moment feedback and hands on experiences. To promote individual creativity, we ensure there is space for children to discuss, plan, create and make their own decisions in their work.

Providing time to discuss the work of artists underpins our approach to Art and Design. We cover a diverse range of artists, striving for gender balance, a multicultural approach and the inclusion of contemporary artists so that children can relate the art they see to the time they are living in. We do this because it is imperative that our curriculum represents the diversity of the students we teach, and then broadens their horizons further.

At Mere Green Primary School, we recognise that every child has artistic potential, and that it is our role to empower children to explore and discover their own creativity.We teach Art and Design with the belief that the creativity we encourage in this subject is a transferable skill that is essential when preparing children for the future, including career paths that have not been invented yet.

Furthermore, by offering Art and Design lessons that have experience and enjoyment at the heart of them, we hope the children will develop a deep love of learning in this subject that will continue throughout their lives.