Whilst we are very proud of our curriculum at Mere Green, we are also incredibly proud of how our curriculum extends beyond the academic. We look for a range of ways across school that we can develop the whole child, encouraging our children to find a wide range of interests and to develop new talents. 

Through the effective delivery of a whole school enrichment timetable; through the launch and implementation of our MAD Guarantee; through the effective running of a range of school councils and so much more, we ensure our personal development is excellent. Essential life skills, such as to communicate and to collaborate (which sit under our school value of contribute), to remain positive and resilient (which sit under our school value of mental strength), and to be open to trying new things and to demonstrate creativity (which sit under our school value of thrive), are developed through these initiatives and enable our children to leave Mere Green as lifelong learners, ready for their next stage in their education.