Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

In year 5, we have Miss Ford, Mrs Bibi (Wed-Fri) and Mrs Aston (Mon-Wed), who are all class teachers. Mrs Sahota is our lovely HLTA who supports and teaches across the year group.

In Year 5, this half term we shall be covering…

In Maths, this half term well be covering: * Place Value, including order and comparing numbers, rounding and Roman Numerals. * Addition and subtraction – adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers, rounding to estimate and approximate, inverse operations and multi-step problems.

This half term in English, we’ll be exploring a number of texts types including Newspapers and play scripts. Within these texts types, we’ll be learning a range of grammatical devices including correct tenses, cohesion and the use of effective and appropriate vocabulary. In Shared Reading, will we continue to explore a range of reading skills such as retrieval, inference, prediction and summarising. The texts we will be reading could be based around other areas of them curriculum such as our history topic of Crime and Punishment or our science topic of Living things and their habitats. Spelling will be taught daily still with key rules taught each week. This half term we shall be covering spellings rules ending ‘-ious’, ‘-cious’, ‘-cial’, ‘-tial’ and ‘-ant’, ‘-ance’, ‘-ent’ and ‘-ence’. Some children will continue on their Read Write Inc programme with daily sounds shared separately.

This half term, in Science we’ll be exploring the topic of Living things and their habitats. Within this topic, we shall be learning about the differences in the life cycles of types of animals along with the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Alongside this, we will be developing our scientific skills in planning scientific enquiries, measuring and recoding data as well as reporting and resenting findings through practical activities.

This half term, we are studying History. Within this area of study, our children will learn about Crime and Punishment and explore some terrible punishments from the past.

This half term in music we will start listening and performing to Jazz music. Our first piece is Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller and his orchestra. The children will be provided with opportunities to perform in Solo and Ensemble contexts, using their voices, playing instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. There will be opportunities to improvise. We are working on developing our understanding of the history of music.

In Art and Design, children in Year 5 will be learning how to represent water in their drawings. Their learning will include using techniques to show movement and reflections.

In French in y5, pupils will learn the topic of ‘sports and hobbies’. They will continue to consolidate their phonics knowledge and apply this to talk about what sports they like and dislike. They will also be learning how to justify their opinions about sports, by introducing new conjunctions to their sentences.

Within all religions, we’ll be exploring the themes of caring for others, specifically marriage, followed by sharing and being generous.

Within PSHE we have focused on regulating our emotions as part of the introduction to our schools new behaviour policy.

This half term, we’ll be learning about the sharing of information online. This topic will include learning about computer systems and how they link to us as well as transferring information.

In PE, our focus will be on Netball. We will work on skills such types of passes, signaling for the ball, shooting with good technique, positions and some team tactics.