Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our fabulous team of 5 consists of: Mrs Dilworth, Mrs Leighton, Mrs Clowse, Miss Roden and Miss Quinn.

In Year 3, this half term we shall be covering…

In Maths, this half term we’ll be covering: Place value which includes partitioning numbers, ordering numbers, representing numbers to 1000, comparing objects and counting in 50s. Addition and subtraction including adding and subtracting multiples of 100, spotting patterns, adding and subtracting crossing 10 and estimating answers to calculations.

This half term in English, we’ll be exploring narratives and non chronological reports. This term we will be focussing on how to effectively use a range of range of punctuation, adverbs and conjunctions. In addition to this we will be learning how to use paragraphs in our writing and how to write for an audience. In Shared Reading, will we continue to explore a range of reading skills such as; inference, retrieval, understating the meaning of words in context, prediction and summarising. Spelling will be taught daily still with key rules taught each week. This half term we shall be covering words with the following rules; Some children will continue on their Read Write Inc programme with daily sounds shared separately. 1.Spelling Rules: The /ow/ sound spelled ‘ou.’ Found often in the middle of words, sometimes at the beginning and very rarely at the end of words. 2. Spelling Rules: The /u/ sound spelled ‘ou.’ This digraph is only found in the middle of words. 3. Spelling Rule: The /i/ sound spelled with a ‘y.’ 4. Spelling Rules: Words with endings that sound like /ze/ as in measure are always spelled with ‘-sure.’ 5. Spelling Rules: Words with endings that sound like /ch/ is often spelled –’ture’ unless the root word ends in (t)ch. 6. Challenge words 7. Spelling Rules: Words with the prefix ’re-’ ‘re-’ means ‘again’ or ‘back.’ 8. Spelling Rules: The prefix ’dis-’ which has a negative meaning. It often means ‘does not’ as in does not agree = disagree. 9. Spelling Rules: The prefix ’mis-’ This is another prefix with negative meanings. 10. Spelling Rules: Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable. The consonant letter is not doubled if the syllable is unstressed. 11. Spelling Rules: Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable. If the last syllable of a word is stressed and ends with one consonant letter which has just one vowel letter before it, the final consonant letter is doubled.

In Science, we are exploring rocks and soil. We will be learning about the properties of rocks and the special ways in which we categorise them. We will also be carrying out many experiments; one of them being investigating soil permeability

This half term, we are studying The Stone Age to Iron Age in history. We will be learning about how we know about life in the Stone Age and how people in the Stone Age lived. We will be exploring what people believed in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age and what the main changes were between the three areas of pre history. We always look forward to our topic days where we really immerse ourselves in history; dressing up and taking part in a range of activities based on what we are learning. Stay tuned!

This half term in Music we will continue developing our musical tastes and piano skills. We will learn to play and perform the piece ‘In the hall of the Mountain King’. The children will have a variety of opportunities to perform in solo or ensemble context. We will also develop our understanding of the history of Music.

Our art lessons this half term will be with our Art specialist Mrs Shellam. In Art and Design, Year 3 will be stepping back in time to find out how art was created in the Stone Age. They will develop their knowledge of working with chalk pastels and charcoal and using cave paintings as their inspiration.

In French, our pupils in year 3 will learn about where France is in the world and what you can do there. They will also start to learn French phonics and will put this into practice whilst learning about French greetings and how to say their age and where they live.

This term we’ll be delving into a number of religions including Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. Within these religions, we’ll be exploring the following dispositions: Sharing and bring generous, participating and willingness to lead and Caring for Animals, Others and the Environment.

Within PSHE we’ve focused on regulating our emotions as part of the introduction to our schools new behaviour policy. In addition, we will be exploring how we can be good friends and what keeps us safe. During these sessions, we will have open conversations, learning how to build healthy friendships and how we can protect ourselves including knowing what to do in an emergency.

In Year 3, we are incredibly lucky to work with 1-1 iPads and we aim to engage and capture all learners. Having their own ipad allows the children to be more independent and creative, giving opportunities to redesign and modify their learning. We use a number of creative apps such as Keynote, iMovie, Clips and many more. Please remember to bring iPads to school fully charged each day. This term, we will be leaning about internet safety and how to use various drawing tools in order to become amazing creators!

In PE, our focus will be on gymnastics with Ms Gray. We are also very lucky to have an outside agency teaching us how to play tag Rugby. Our P.E. Days this term are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.