Representing the School

As part of our MAD Guarantee, we have prioritised that all children by the age of 11 will have represented the school in an area of their interest. Whether it be as part of one of our school sports’ teams, in the school choir or musical theatre group or whether acting as ambassadors for the school  when visiting areas of the local community.

At the core of this initiative is our school value of ‘contribute’, we want all children to contribute to school, the community or the wider world and feel that this is an essential life skill. The benefits or representing the school are limitless; we see our children grow in confidence and maturity, develop new friendships and interests, learn the importance of hard work and determination as-well as learn the important life skill of handling failure as-well as success. 

As part of a new initiative, we are now actively logging participation across school to ensure that all children can and will achieve this by the time they leave Year 6.