MAD Guarantee

At Mere Green, we view cultural capital as the essential knowledge, skills and attributes all children need to flourish as active citizens for the future. Whilst our curriculum offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences that develop children’s interest and talents, we believe we need to extend our offer further. The devising of our MAD Guarantee, took consideration of our school context and the catchment of children that we cater for. Children at Mere Green, come from diverse socio economic, religious and cultural backgrounds, with a range of starting points.  

The aim of our MAD Guarantee is to ‘Make A Difference’ to the lives of all children; we want to address any gaps in their knowledge or experiences and provide opportunities for all children to thrive.  We want all children at Mere Green, to leave school in Year 6 on an equal platform with their peers, being able to take an active role in society, being ready for their next stage of learning and being able to relate to their peers, older generations and their community through common, shared experiences. 

The MAD Guarantee, identifies 5 things that every 5 year old at school should have experienced or learnt about. It identifies 7 things that every 7 year old should have experienced or learnt about and 11 things that every 11 year old should have experienced or learnt about. 

These experiences and learning opportunities have not been devised in isolation. Through consulting with our children, staff and parent groups, we were able to identify gaps and potential missed learning that we feel, at Mere Green, are essential.