At Mere Green we deliver an ambitious science curriculum that identifies the core knowledge we want children to be armed with and that is progressive, ensuring core knowledge is broken down and built upon to develop the strengthening of children’s schema. Knowledge is regularly revisited through spaced retrieval to ensure learning is embedded and misconceptions are addressed. We encourage our children to make links within their science knowledge and apply their knowledge to a range of learning opportunities. We also ensure that high quality texts are used to consolidate children’s understanding and to expose children to a range of scientific vocabulary. Lastly, we ensure our children can relate their learning to the material world in which they live, promoting both awe and wonder. 

At Mere Green we want our children to leave school being active and global citizens; to understand global issues that are being addressed through the development of science and to be eligible candidates for future careers within this sector, encouraging them to follow their interests and drive their future aspirations. 

We instil the importance of enquiry within school, to ensure children understand how scientific knowledge comes about and that through ongoing enquiry, understanding and knowledge can change.  Through scientific enquiry, we both embed and build on the substantive knowledge children have acquired as well as ensure that children develop their ability to work scientifically, demonstrating a progressive range of skills.